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Will AI Bloom in Africa ?

Spend a few minutes to watch the inspiring visions of African startup founders and researchers who are leveraging AI to transform the continent. These innovative minds are tackling real-world challenges in healthcare, agriculture, finance, and more, harnessing the power of AI to create a brighter future for all.


Malik Belkeziz | Research Program Manager | Google AI

"We use AI to transform the real estate industry and deliver superior user experiences that go beyond efficiency."


Abdoulaye Diack | Research Program Manager | Google AI

"AI serves as a catalyst, rapidly propelling the digital transformation of Africa."


Denis Moniotte | CEO & Founder | Rubyx

"AI in fintech thrives on the vast amount of transaction data generated by booming mobile money users."


Samba Lo | CEO & Founder | Socium

"Africa leapfrogged outdated financial services with mobile money. Similarly, AI-enabled startups are poised to transform HR and other sectors."

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