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How can urbantech entrepreneurs help shape the future of their cities across Asia, Africa, & Latam?

Cities are at the heart of humanity's future. By the end of the century, 90 out of the biggest 100 cities in the world will be in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. These cities are the arenas where the next era of humanity will be built. They’re where the vast majority of citizens will live and where the most important decisions will be made about what our societies become.

What is fundamentally unique about the dynamic emergent cities across Asia, Africa, and Latin America that might be a better fit for humanity this century? How can urban entrepreneurs help shape their futures?

The global Urban Innovation Challenge for emergent cities is produced by Utopia and the World Economic Forum’s new Centre for Urban Transformation.

The challenge is open to entrepreneurs who are building real-world urbantech solutions that can improve life for people in one of the emergent cities in the challenge (Lagos, Nairobi and Kigali for Africa).

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